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Ecommerce Website Company
Ecommerce Website Company

Electronic Commerce, majorly known as E-commerce, simply means buying and selling online. With everyone online these days, an E-commerce platform helps in reaching maximum customers at the right time to increase sales and gain profitability of the business.

Online shopping has become the new norm for today’s internet savvy generation. It is little wonder then, that there are now a number of eCommerce websites on the internet than ever before.Which is why, it has become imperative for business owners all over the world to invest in an exceptional eCommerce website, to increase their appeal to a wider audience and boost their sales.



Ecommerce Website
Ecommerce Website Company

An E-commerce website service facilitate the customers to purchase goods and services without going to a physical market. Hence, associating with the right e-commerce website development company is an important step required to enhance and improve your business engagements and sales.

At Technical Yatra, our website developers combine the latest technologies with innovative designs and code with effective SEO-, mobile- and user-friendly online shops platforms, to develop an effective e-commerce website, specifically built to serve your unique business model. Our websites can be easily integrated in your internal systems.


Types of E-commerce Websites:

There are mainly four types of E-commerce Websites, which includes:


1) Business-to-Business: Business-to-business, or commonly known as B2B, is a type of electronic commerce business model that is conducted between two or more businesses, such as a wholesaler and retailer, wholesaler and wholesaler, et cetera.


2) Business-to-Consumer: Business-to-Consumer, or B2C, or also known as retail e-commerce, is a business model which involves business and transaction between online businesses and consumers.


3) Consumer-to-Business: Consumer-to-Business, or C2B, is a type of electronic commerce business model in which consumers can provide products and services to organizations, and the organization pays the consumers, unlike in B2C.


4) Consumer-to-Consumer: Consumer-to-Consumer, also known as C2C, is a kind of business model in which consumers can trade with each other in an online environment.


Online Sell Ecommerce Website Company
Online Sell Ecommerce Website Company

Ecommerce is most effective way to serve your customers worldwide. When your marketing efforts have implied successfully and customers are ready to make a purchase but you want to provide them most efficient and easiest way to do so. For that reason an effective Ecommerce website is required as it helps your maximize your business on the internet and also strikes to serve your customers in most appropriate manner.

Online shopping has become the new norm for today’s internet savvy generation..


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